Aer Lingus Check-in

While going on an Aer Lingus flight, different choices are accessible for travelers to check in previously or after showing up at the air terminal:

  • Web Check-in.
  • Versatile Check-in.
  • Fast Pass Check-in (Airport Kiosks).
  • Air terminal Check-in.

Aer Lingus Check-in

What Check-In Cutoff Times Apply for Aer Lingus Flights?

Travelers won’t be acknowledged for movement if they don’t agree with Check-in cutoff times. They might switch their booking around until the flight they were set up for has withdrawn. From that point, it will be treated as a ‘flake-out,’ and it is relinquished to book will.

Travelers going on a plan that incorporates flights worked by one of Aer Lingus’s accomplice carriers ought to check-in as suggested by the working airline.

Web Check-In

Web Check-in is accessible for travelers on chosen courses:

For European flights – beginning 30 hours before takeoff up to:

  • 2 hours before takeoff – departures from Ireland, the Uk, Amsterdam.
  • 6 hours and 30 minutes before takeoff – departures from Rome.
  • 8 hours and 30 minutes before takeoff – departures from Malaga and Faro (worked via Airbus A330 airplane).
  • 4 hours and 30 minutes before takeoff – any remaining European flights.

Travelers making a trip to the US can check-in online solely after their Covid-19-related documentation has been confirmed through the VeriFLY application. In addition, travelers heading out to the US should permit extra time at the air terminal to go through US Pre-Clearance after security screening, finishing the US Immigration process preceding takeoff, and saving important time on appearance in the US.

Different travelers who check in online are encouraged to permit adequate opportunities to look at things and continue through security designated spots. The time might differ via air terminal, day, and time. Travelers involving Web Check-in from Izmir should go to the Check-in work area at the air terminal to get a standard ticket for their printed adaptation because of nearby power prerequisites.

After travelers check in on the web, they can continue straightforwardly to the Bag Tag and Drop work area, where their checked stuff can be handled. Seats are consequently allowed for nothing for all travelers. However, they can change the seats by tapping the ‘Change Seats’ button on the ‘Seating’ page.

Online Check-in offers you the choice to browse a printed ticket or a versatile ticket on your cell phone.

Versatile Check-In

With Aer Lingus, a Mobile application, travelers can check-in and recover their tickets using their cell phones. Mobile Check-in is accessible for all European flights, except departures from Bourgas, Donegal, Faro, and Izmir air terminals, from 30 hours before takeoff up to:

  • 1 hour before takeoff – departures from Ireland, the Uk, Amsterdam.
  • 6 hours and 30 minutes before takeoff – departures from Rome.
  • 8 hours and 30 minutes before takeoff – departures from Malaga (worked via Airbus A330 airplane).
  • 4 hours and 30 minutes before takeoff – any remaining European flights.

Mobile Check-in is accessible for trips to/from North America from 24 hours as long as 2 hours before takeoff and 6 hours before the booked takeoff time for departures from Barbados.

Mobile Check-in isn’t accessible for many appointments (at least seven visitors) and flights booked using the Aer Lingus call focus or travel service.

With Mobile Check-in, travelers can:

  • Select the flight air terminal from the determination list, and need to affirm that the subtleties are right.
  • Select the quantity of common and sports packs to check, starting from the drop records.
  • Change the seat.
  • Add the Frequent Flyer number.

Portable Boarding Pass

The Mobile Boarding Pass can be gotten in the “Tickets” segment of the Aer Lingus application. Travelers can go to Web Check-in and reproduce the ticket from that point, assuming they have any trouble getting to the Mobile Boarding Pass.

On the off chance that they are at the air terminal and can’t get to the ticket, they should go to a Check-in work area and acquire a paper ticket.

Fastpass Check-In

Oneself help drive for checking in at the air terminal is FastPass. Travelers can check in rapidly for any Aer Lingus flights withdrawing from Dublin by utilizing the touch screen innovation. FastPass permits you to:

  • Check-in in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German.
  • Distinguish your booking in various ways: booking reference, visa, Gold Circle Club card, or Mastercard.
  • Select which travelers you need to check-in.
  • Demonstrate the number of sacks that you are checking in.
  • Change your allotted seat.
  • Add your regular customer number.
  • Print your ticket.

Air Terminal Check-In

1. Ahead Check-In

Ahead Check-in (on a similar ticket and day of movement) is accessible on chosen Aer Lingus flights and with the accompanying carriers: United Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, American Airlines, Air France, Finnair, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Iberia, Jetblue.

2. Travelers With Hand Baggage Only

Travelers with just hand stuff and both outbound and return trips to most UK objections around the same time can be checked in for the two flights.

Travelers with hand things just can check-in at:

  • Assigned hand things work areas.
  • The Ticket Desk, at the hour of gathering the tickets.
  • The Customer Service Desk.


Aer Lingus encourages all travelers to be at the loading up entryway no later than the time shown on the ticket. Travelers showing up later than expected to the boarding door won’t be acknowledged for movement.

The loading up times are:

  • 30 minutes before takeoff – departures from Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Europe (except Rome and Amsterdam).
  • 40 minutes before takeoff – departures from Rome and Amsterdam.
  • 45 minutes before takeoff – departures from the US.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is expected to Check-in at the air terminal?

Step by step:
• Track down the suitable Check-in door (point) for your flight.
• Have your archives prepared – visa (or public ID), online reservation booking number (code), or a paper duplicate of your ticket (on the off chance that you have one).

What is it that you want for Check-in on the web?

To Check-in online, you will require your flight subtleties, your PNR (also known as booking number or affirmation number), and your identification number, assuming you are on a worldwide flight. You additionally need to know the number of packs you’ll check-in.

What to do at the air terminal, assuming you Check-in on the web?

When you do a web registration, you have the ticket close by before arriving at the air terminal. The ticket incorporates a standardized tag that contains your booking. Then, when you arrive at the air terminal, you can set out toward the security designated spot, proceed to the entryway, and load onto the flight.

How long would you be able to Check-in with Aer Lingus?

Indeed, Aer Lingus’ web Check-in permits you to check in as long as 30 hours before your flight leaves (24 hours ahead of time for trips to/from the USA). In addition, web Check-in is accessible for All trips between Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Is it better to Check-in on the web or at the air terminal?

You ought to attempt to make an appearance at the air terminal two hours before a homegrown flight; however, checking in online permits you to see early saves you a portion of that time as you can walk straight up to the security line and afterward down to your entryway.

What occurs if you don’t Check-in for a flight on the web?

If you don’t check-in for your trip by the deadline, you might deny board. The airline might knock you to the following accessible flight. Assuming you are a flake-out, you’ll probably lose your ticket’s worth.

Do you get a ticket when you Check-in on the web?

Your it is your “ticket” to get onto the plane, yet actually, your ticket is produced as an “e-ticket,” or an electronic ticket, when you book your trip to load up the pass. Your ticket will be created upon registration, either on the web or at the Check-in counter.

Do you go directly to security if you Check-in on the web?

In the interim, one of the principal advantages of online Check-in for explorers is bypassing lines and bother at the air terminal. If you’re not processing gear, you can avoid the Check-in counter by and large and go directly to the security designated spot, then to your door, and onto the plane.

How early would it be advisable to show up for a flight?

The TSA urges showing up at the air terminal two hours before your trip for homegrown travel and three hours before for global travel. However, assuming you’re going during busy times like early morning or evening, or during occasions and different occasions, kindly arrange as needed and take additional time into account.

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