Ethiopian Airlines Check-in

Online Ethiopian Airlines check-in (Web check-in) is the cycle wherein travelers affirm their movement on a flight through the ordinary reprint of their tickets.

Online Check-in is accessible from 72 hours to 2 hours before takeoff for all global and homegrown flights. Affirm your participation on the flight, select your seat and save important time. A traveler’s main need is a delicate duplicate of the ticket on their cell phone or a web association and a printer for the ticket.

Ethiopian Airlines Check-in

The traveler is mentioned to show up at the door 30 minutes before boarding if they have no baggage to drop off. If they have the stuff to drop off, they will show up at the web check-in counter somewhere around 1 hour before takeoff for international flights and 45 minutes before flight for Domestic flights.


All check-in counters open three hours before takeoff and close one hour before departure. Travelers must bring confirmed appointments and travel records for their specific destination and travel points, which they must provide at the counters. Travelers must also ensure that their luggage does not exceed their respective aircraft’s weight/piece limit. Any weight/piece that exceeds the remuneration will incur an extra charge.

What Is Expected To Utilize Web Registration?

Essential prerequisites for web registration:

  • Travelers should have an electronic ticket.
  • Flights should be worked by Ethiopian Airlines.
  • For web check-in administration on codeshare (flights worked by accomplice aircraft), if it’s not too much trouble, visit the site of the individual carrier.

Ventures For Web Registration

  • Go to CHECK-IN ONLINE or click “web registration” from the speedy connections area on the landing page to start web registration.
  • On the “Home” page, enter your name as it shows up on your ticket (Passenger receipt). Enter the city of the start of your movement and Reservation Locator (PNR) or your Frequent Flyer Number and snap “Proceed.” This will find your booking and shows your schedule.
  • The following page shows the “perilous materials” data. Kindly read that and affirm, assuming you convey any of the recorded materials. If not, kindly continue by clicking no; i’m not carrying these items.
  • On the traveler’s page, fill in all the expected individual data if it’s not too much trouble.
  • On the following screen, you can allot a seat (if not allocated previously) or change the seat relegated to you when you booked your flight. If no change is required, continue to the following stage by clicking “proceed.”
  • On the following page, you can include Extra stuff for the booking or, on the other hand, on the off chance that not needed, continue to the subsequent stage by clicking “Proceed” and finish the check-in cycle.

Check-In At The Counter

Our friendly employees at our check-in booths in air terminals we fly to worldwide are glad to serve you if you require specific assistance. They ensure your belongings are checked to your final destination and then give you your ticket.

Booth Check-In

Check-in at the booth Saves time and concentrates on the task at hand. For travelers to continue self-flight check-in at the Airport, the kiosk check-in process involves five simple steps:

  1. Go to the aircraft’s stand self-administration terminal and pick the Ethiopian Airline tab. Choose a language (English or French).
  2. Make a reservation: There are three ways to locate the reservation. (By flight number, destination, or reservation code)
  3. Confirm that you are not transporting any potentially hazardous materials or products in your checked-in and portable items, as check-in action will not be initiated unless the equivalent is confirmed.
  4. Check in and add personal touches. Choose an accessible seat from the intelligent seating plan or accept the recommendations. Individual subtleties such as passport data, subsequent voyager numbers, and checked stuff details should be added.
  5. Provide a boarding pass. The ticket will be printed at the moment at the stand. On the ticket, there should be a 2D scanner tag.

Check-In Your Belongings

  • Baggage: Passengers are offered a free checked baggage allowance, which varies by class and starting point target.
Overabundance Items May Be Carried Based On Appropriate Charges.
  • Lodge/Hand Baggage: In business class on all Ethiopian flights, you can bring only two pieces of hand luggage inside the lodge, each weighing no more than 7kgs and measuring no more than 20x40x55cms (8x16x22inches).

If it’s not too much work, contact the Ethiopian Airlines office nearest you for more detailed information.

Time For Registration/Reporting

The time shown on flight coupons is the Airplane’s takeoff season. For all global trips with the following specific cases, the passenger is advised to report to the air terminal check-in counter two hours before aircraft departure to complete check-in operations on time:

  • Arrive 3 hours before the scheduled flight time in Addis Ababa.
  • For journeys to/from the United States, arrive 3 hours before the scheduled flight time.
  • 4 hours before the scheduled departure time

Travelers who miss the above deadline should know that Ethiopian Airlines reserves the right to refuse to accept passengers who arrive more than two hours after the scheduled departure time.

For night flights departing Addis Ababa for the United States, Canada, and Europe, check-in will commence promptly at 13:00 local Ethiopian time.

The traveler is advised to arrive at the air terminal check-in counter one hour before the scheduled departure time for domestic flights. If a web-checked-in traveler has items to drop off, they are advised to be at the loading gate 30 minutes before departure.

Furthermore, due to safety concerns at the Addis Ababa airport, local travelers who have checked in for flights will not be permitted to meet up with their relatives and friends but must continue with the movement procedure.

Web Check-In Precautions

  • Web check-in is beyond the realm of possibilities for travelers who need extraordinary assistance demands, such as additional seats, unaccompanied minors, pets in the hold, cots, etc.
  • Assuming you have baggage to drop off, you need to show up at the check-in counter devoted to web checked-in travelers at any rate
  • 45 minutes before takeoff for Domestic flights and
  • 60 minutes before takeoff for international flights
  • In request to save your important time, if it’s not too much trouble, ensure your stuff is as per the Ethiopian’s compensation before you come to the air terminal.
  • Reservations are dependent upon abrogation if you are not onboard the airplane 30 minutes preceding the flight. All current flake-out rules apply.
  • All existing agreements, scratch-off, and things rules and remittances apply.
  • The site acknowledges either ticket number or reservation code. Notwithstanding, If your booking code contains numbers.
  • Sympathetically type travelers’ Surname precisely as they show up on the booking affirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How early would I be able to check-in with Ethiopian Airlines?

Online Check-in is accessible from 72 hours to 2 hours before takeoff for all worldwide and homegrown flights. Affirm your participation on the flight, select your seat and save significant time.

Would I be able to check in on the web?

Most carriers license online check-in as long as 24 hours before the flight. So the previous you do as such inside that window, the better since you’ll have more accessible seats to look over.

How might I check my flight ticket on the web?

These are the means you can follow to check your booking bit by bit:

  • Open any carrier’s site. Forex: Click on Plan and Book.
  • Under My excursion segment, enter the six-person PNR code alongside your last name or family name.
  • You can see your outing subtleties alongside your name. That is all there is to it!
Would I be able to check-in at the air terminal Ethiopian Airlines?

All check-in counters are opened 3 hours before the flight, and counters are shut 1 hour before takeoff. Therefore, travelers must guarantee that they accompany affirmed appointments and travel reports for their particular objective and travel focuses, which they should introduce at the counters.

How, sometime before your flight, do you Ethiopian Airlines check-in?

You should be checked in no less than 30 minutes before your planned flight time (air terminals requiring extra time are recorded here, Go to footer note). Additionally, you’re expected to be at the door and prepared to load up 15 minutes before booked takeoff.

What time does check-in close for Ethiopian Airlines?

All check-in counters are opened 3 hours before takeoff and close 1 hour before the flight. Therefore, Ethiopian Airways suggests travelers report for check-in 3 hours before the flight. Note: Passengers to/from the USA are expected to report 4 hours preceding flight takeoff.

Would it be advisable for me to check in on the web or at the air terminal?

You ought to attempt to make an appearance at the air terminal two hours before a homegrown flight, yet checking in online permits you to see early saves you a portion of that time as you can walk straight up to the security line and afterward down to your entryway.

Do I want a ticket if I check in on the web?

By and large, you will have to go to check-in when you have checked in on the web on the off chance that you want to drop off a thing of hold things. If it’s not too much trouble, guarantee that you know about the hand things prerequisites for your particular carrier before you travel.

Do I have to print my ticket?

Printing your ticket is doubly significant, assuming you’re going with your loved ones. Each individual should be represented with a ticket close by at security and the loading up door. That is simply more straightforwardly finished with a piece of paper than on an application.

How might I check if my flight ticket is affirmed?

To have a deep understanding of your flight, sign in to the PNR Status of the carriers, and subtleties will be on your screen. PNR Status inquiry is the ideal way of social event the affirmation about your flight. So when you fly with any airline, you ought to look at the aircraft’s PNR Status before flying.

How might I check my trip without an affirmation number?

If you have lost the affirmation number for your flight and don’t have an affirmation number, you can affirm your trip by calling the aircraft reservations office straightforwardly. The delegate will find your booking utilizing your name, flight city, and date.

How would I Check-in at the air terminal for a worldwide flight?

In like manner guarantee you arrive at the Airport something like 2 or 3 hours before the planned takeoff of the Airplane. This will allow you to check-in and gather your ticket, Ethiopian Airlines check-in your things, go through the security screening, and be on schedule for your flight at the takeoff entryway.

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